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What Are Levels of Enhancement?

levels of enhancement

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When we charge a crystal we are basically increasing the size of the doorway through which energy can travel. The levels of energy range from 0, as they come out of mother Earth, to a 10 that which Gaia herself holds within mother Earth.

Level 0

At a level zero (0), which is the natural state of every crystal, it is like it has a minuscule hole in the fabric of reality through which it can send energy.  Think about it as a leaky faucet with the energy being released as the drops.

Level 1

At a level one (1), which is the highest I would recommend for pets, (because they are usually more sensitive than humans to the energy’s of the cosmos) we have opened that whole just enough to allow the energy to pass through at a trickle compared to the drops at level zero.

Level 2

Level two (2) is when it gets interesting, as at that is the level when the energies become potent enough that most spiritually sensitive individuals can feel them. It is as if you left the faucet on at that point where it is a constantly running line of water, but not yet enough to wash your hands. Stones charged to this amount will help with chronic low-level problems an individual may be experiencing.

Level 3

Most crystals we sell will be at a level three (3) as it is at this level at which they are strong enough to wash your hands if we are continuing with the faucet metaphor. Those in this 3rd group are capable of affecting the physical world to benefit their bonded (owner) in strong and noticeable ways. This group can be used for chronic and/or acute symptoms an individual may be experiencing.

Level 4

The final level we sell is crystals at a level four (4). At this level, the crystal is like the faucet was turned all the way on and it does whatever it feels is needed to help its bonded owner. Crystals at this level must be bonded, and for the most part, are house crystals. The exception to this is that crystals that are to be used to help in cases of addiction and for extreme illness must be at this level. They will maintain their “intelligence” to help you months or even years later. This level of the crystal must be a custom order.

Final Levels

The levels go all the way up to ten (10), but at five (5) and up the sink faucet metaphor breaks down. At five the energy would be like a bath faucet turned all the way on, and at ten it is like the world’s greatest waterfall, times 20 flowing all at once.

In Conclusion

Bigger isn’t always better, and pretty isn’t the most important thing in our crystals. They must be kept with you for a period of time to become fully bonded, (your instruction sheet will tell you how long), and they, depending on type must be cleaned occasionally because the work they do is draining your negative energy into them. Please treat them kindly and they will work for you for years to come.

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