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Galaxy Meditation Music

Music has the ability to heal on so many levels

The vibrational qualities of tone are incredible. 

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My extremely spiritually gifted son Sean, who is a major force in this business, generally has one answer when asked any question about connection.  That answer is always “Meditate”.


Do you enjoy Meditation?

Or not like it at all? 


Did you know that many activities you are already doing are actually a form of meditation?  Do you love to run? That feeling that you get is a form of meditation.  Enjoy looking up at the clouds and seeing pictures there?  This use of your imagination is a form of meditation.


In formal practice, there are internal and external styles of meditation.


Styles like Transcendental Meditation are internal, where one uses a word or sound to go inside, and “float” within their own inner self.


Focused or Guided Meditation is most often led by an outside individual.  They take the meditator on a journey leading them to a predetermined destination, often with a goal in mind of growth in some area of consciousness. This is often where people begin their meditation journey.


108 is a Holy number for many reasons, both in Eastern religion and beyond.  And that is exactly why our mantras are repeated 108 times. 

There are many Mantras, each with a different energy, a different feel and a different purpose.  Because it is cumbersome to try to count while chanting, a Mala can be used. 

Malas are a string of 108 beads with a tassel or guru bead to indicate your start and stop point, passing the beads through your fingers to keep track of when the sacred repetitions are completed.

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