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Custom Support Necklaces/ Crowns

These exquisite pieces offer energetic support in the areas of your life where you need it the most. 

We design our beautiful crystal necklaces, bracelets & crowns to offer behind the scenes support as you wear these beautiful pieces as often as daily.

In our gallery please find examples of necklaces for Anxiety Relief, Depression Relief, Increased Motivation, & Focus and Concentration. 

We are thrilled to create custom pieces to help those magical beings that have joined us & receive a diagnosis like ADHD or being on the Autism spectrum channel their gifts in a way that allows them to be successful within the societal constraints in which they live. 

Are you newly awakening? Or have you been exploring your gifts for a while now? 


Crowns activate the 3rd eye & crown chakras, to aid in connection with angels and guides. They are designed for both men & women, often linking to the heart and throat chakra to free the voice & come from love.  


While it is possible to order a necklace, bracelet or crown exactly as you see it, your needs are likely more complex than a single idea being expressed, & much greater benefit will be received when my angels and guides connect with yours, on a clarity call, & the piece is created for your energetic signature.

We use ONLY the best in our crystal alchemy intuitive jewelry design…

Beautiful, ethically sourced crystals and crystal beads Enhanced to give you the Greatest, Permanent Benefit. (<<

Crystals that emerge from Gaia (Mother Earth) drip energy like water from a faucet that has been turned off and is dripping. 

Enhanced Crystals’ energy channels are permanently opened through a special gift that was given to Sean by his Angels and Guides. (See Dayana’s Story for the full write up) (Link here).  

After a trip on our sacred altars, Energy flows like the kitchen sink has been turned on full force. 

We match the energy signature of the crystal to your energy matrix for a smooth fit. (See Levels video for more info)

Get your customized piece here.

STAY Connected!

We`re ready to help you meet your angels & guides. Step up and step into your true being.