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Often Mistaken for Obsidian, as both are unique types of natural glass, Tektites are formed when a meteorite hits the earth causing extreme temperatures, its essence is mixed with ours and the molten rock cools.  The main difference between the two is a lower water content as well as possibly foreign elements.

Normally in shades of brown and black, though varying from yellow through greens and browns as well, and ranging from millimeters to Centimeters in size, Tektites are found globally.  Golden Libyan Desert Glass comes from an area in Egypt near Libya, While Green Moldavite is found only around the Caech Republic. While there are many other amazing tektites, because of their particular energetic signatures, these are the two we will be focusing on.

All tektites resonate at a very high frequency, elevating our consciousness to new dimensions and new levels; opening us to incoming knowledge. 

With an extraterrestrial component, calling in clarity and help with these stones to work with their inherent energy is magical and efficient.

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