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Enhanced crystals simply take the natural qualities of a crystal, and through inviting in the angels and Light-workers, we enhance their abilities to many times what they have in their virgin state.

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Crystal Enhancements is a hands on business. We really care and are willing to take the time to make sure that the stones you get are the right ones for you.

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Custom made necklaces, bracelets or rings, with Enhanced Crystals that will benefit you whenever you wear them, and also look beautiful when worn

How we Began Working with Crystals

Our beginnings started with my student Dayana, who lives with Noo-onan syndrome, juvenile arthritis and gastro-intestinal issues and so much more (see her mother’s testimonial to find out them all). Dayana was in the hospital about twice a week and the doctors had no idea what to do. She is a “Wish Kid”. I could not bear the idea of losing her, so I went to my healer son and badgered him to do something for her. He kept saying that her spirit would not accept remote healing, and I said that wasn’t good enough. We asked our guides and angels, and they eventually told us that Dayana would be able to accept healing through crystals. They would show us how. They gave Sean (my son) the ability to open the energy gateway within the crystals. Dayana received the first one and has hardly been in the hospital since. She still has some serious health issues, however her life is so far above where she was! The angels and guides have demanded that we give this amazing new energy to others so that they can also benefit in return, so that more people than Dayana can see the positive benefits. Below you will see more of Dayana’s story.

Meeting Dayana

Two years ago I was lucky enough to get a young man in my class name of Miguel, with a delightful Mother, Irma. Miguel had a few behavioral issues, nothing major, but enough for me to contact his Mom to find out what was going on at home. It turned out he had a younger sister who was quite ill, and had been since birth. She has rheumatoid arthritis which causes her major pain, but even more severe were some gastrointestinal issues. Dayana gets most of her nutrition, at this point she was 7, through a feeding tube giving her infant formula. Fast forward 2 years, Dayana is now in 4th grade and the gastrointestinal issues have taken a turn for the worse, she is having severe nausea and vomiting and spending several days a week in the hospital.

I asked Irma what’s going on and she tells me Dayana has taken a turn for the worse, there’s not much more the doctors can do except try to keep Dayana going and her suffering as minimal as possible. Over this time, while Dayana has not actually been in my class I have been in touch with the family and grown to love her. I didn’t like this answer. I know that my son Sean is one of the strongest healers I have ever known, so I asked him to work on her. For healing to work, the recipient has to be willing to accept it, Dayana wasn’t. Another answer was needed, a way to heal her body, without taking away the lessons she was learning in this lifetime was required.

Healing Crystals


I am a crystal worker, and a healer of some capacity myself … not my sons caliber, still pretty good. I start thinking about the two, and wondering if it would not be possible to get a soul to accept healing through crystals in such a way that it would not damage the life lessons that the soul had chosen to learn in that lifetime.

Michael is my archangel, he has been with me since I had a violent student years ago and needed help to keep the rest of my students safe. I asked him for help. Sean works with Gabriel very closely in his healing work. He spoke with him. The consensus was it was worth a try. And Empowered Crystals was born.

Dayana got the first piece of rose quartz. I gave it to her mother and asked that Dayana keep it with her at all times, sleep with it under her pillow, keep it in her backpack during the day. It has now been 4 weeks. Dayana has had only one episode of nausea and vomiting when her crystal needed cleaning… something we did not know would be needed, but now do. A salt bath for the crystal and all is back to good. We are learning as we go, so are the amazing light-workers and angels that are helping us.

In the 4 weeks since Dayana received her crystal she has not been in the hospital once. She has eaten a whole tortilla, for the first time in her 9 years of life. She has gained close to 5 pounds, her clothes fit better, her cheeks are fuller and her energy level is so much higher. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for this amazing young lady. I think a piece of malachite or azurite may be in her future to help battle the arthritis.

Enhancing Versus Charging


Deirdre Selby


I am always reading articles about how important it is to cleanse and charge crystals, and information on the ways to do this.  Then I go out and look at crystals, and see that they are coming to me pre-charged! This has to be a good thing, doesn’t it?  How is charging of the crystals similar to enhancing which we do at Enhanced Crystals, and how is it different?

Enhancement is Done Once and Never Needs Repeating

To begin with, charging is an activity that needs to be done over and over again… cleansing will be necessary with our crystals as well.  However while charging refers to getting the crystals back in touch with the natural earth energies that get depleted through natural use in most crystals that you purchase, or even find within our amazing Mother Earth; enhancing is an entirely different process.

The Energy Channel in the Crystal is Opened

Enhancing refers to a process whereby the energy channel within the crystal is actually opened, allowing the crystal itself to access the energies of Gaia directly as needed. Depending on the need, the crystal is programmed through a very special process that has been given by the angels to only one person on earth as of this point in time, as far as we know.  After this process is complete the energy signature of the crystal has changed. This has been verified by energy sensitive individuals.

Crystal Enhancements

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What Customers Are Saying

” I took the crystal, thinking that if hope had a shape today, then I had hope in a Crystal. When you think that you are losing faith you grasp whatever God puts in your way, and Sean and Mrs. Selby had filled this small crystal with energy and love especially for Dayana.”
“She is crying less, her episodes are shorter, and the nausea is still there, but there is no denying that ever since Dayana had the first Crystal she has not been admitted to the hospital at all. She went from being admitted twice a week to zero admissions in 8 weeks.”