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Would You Prefer a Custom Piece?

Custom Piece

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Here at Crystal Enhancements, we are all about our customers, modifying any piece so that it is perfect for you is what works for us. For a very little extra, we will modify any of our existing pieces, to make them work exactly as you needed.

At Crystal Enhancements is tuned into energy and directing the healing that comes in Crystals as it is needed by our clients. While we have designed necklaces to help with Depression Relief and Anxiety Relief, we know that many individuals actually deal with both of these in their daily lives. For some, this is brought about by the stressors they encounter in their environment, and for others, it goes back to childhood or ancestral or even incarnational trauma. The perfect combination of crystals that keys into your personal energy will have the greatest effect on your healing journey.

Others may have issues with motivation, or with focus and retention. Again, these can have different places of origin, and while we have designed necklaces to deal with each of these aspects individually, you may want something that combines certain parts together, in a way that works just for you.

Alisha Cohen

Are you discovering your spiritual gifts? Does a crystal necklace or a crown sound like something that could help you to tap into these special abilities? There are always ones available off the shelf, consult with us and have one designed with your special energies in mind. The consultation itself is always complimentary. 

Do you see a necklace you love, but you prefer to wear bracelets? We are more than happy to make it for you exactly as you want it. You will be surprised to find how little difference there is in the price if the length is the same, it will all depend on the crystals used. 

Write me an email, give me a call, let’s work together to make you the perfect piece to create the energetic signature that will work in your aura and create the Crystal support that you are desiring.

Medical Disclaimer

Crystals are not medical devices and should not be used instead of proper medical care.

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