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Crystal Enhancements Origin Story

Scott working in his workstation

It All Began With Dayana! When a student misbehaves there is usually a reason, and it is up to the teacher to figure out what is behind their actions.  Miguel was one such case.  Turns out he had a younger sister Dayana at home, age 7, who had been born with severe medical complications.  I […]

What Are Levels of Enhancement?

levels of enhancement

When we charge a crystal we are basically increasing the size of the doorway through which energy can travel. The levels of energy range from 0, as they come out of mother Earth, to a 10 that which Gaia herself holds within mother Earth. Level 0 At a level zero (0), which is the natural […]

Here`s Why Our Custom Pieces Are Perfect For You!

Custom Pieces

What if this holiday season you could gift yourself, & others, something unique & beautiful to support you on your journey throughout life? That is exactly what Crystal Alchemy and Intuitive Jewelry Design provide.  Each piece is custom designed by tuning into your true self and enhancing the crystals worked with to allow the energy […]

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