Ruby Corundum Tumbled

Ruby heals holistically, helping one to take control of the present and move towards their dreams and aspirations with a reinforced self. Pictured pieces are representative, we will tap into your energy to choose the perfect piece for you. Every crystal is enhanced and aligned to your energetic signature for smooth and easy integration.

Colors: Burgundy red

Most pocket stones are available as is or intuitively wrapped in your choice of Copper or Sterling Silver wire and enhanced with complementary crystals to work with your energy signature.


Ruby Corundum Tumbled


Ruby and Ruby Corundum: Ruby heals the mind by controlling anger and it gives the courage to start new things and to foray into the unknown with clarity and self-assurance. Spiritually, Ruby heals by balancing the base chakra.When it comes to healing the body, the ruby stone does it by curing blood disorders and circulation issues. It also detoxifies the body, bringing energy along with it. Ruby Corundum is associated with both the Root and Heart Chakras.


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