Ocean Jasper Cube

With the 3” Cube shape to ground us into Mother Earth, and Ocean Jasper to take us on a serene heartfelt journey finding the joy at the moment, this piece is for one who is looking for help in disconnecting with the outcome. Every crystal is enhanced and aligned to your energetic signature for smooth and easy integration.

Color: Greens with some browns and white.   Ocean Jasper is variable in color.



Ocean Jasper: Reminding us to go with life’s ebbs and flows, like the ocean’s tides, Ocean Jasper helps us to remain disconnected from the outcome of any situation in which we are entangled. With the serenity of the Ocean, it encourages us to breathe and keep a focused mind. Helping to relieve stress and tension while reminding us that we are safe and protected, Ocean Jasper inspires joy by releasing negative emotions and thought patterns.


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