Multi-Crystal Pendant

Featuring Fire Opal for Creativity balanced by Heart Centered awareness this Approximately 2” + by 1” Pendant created with Copper Work Hardened Wire Is about getting your Creative Juices flowing in a loving way. Every crystal is enhanced and aligned to your energetic signature for a smooth and easy integration.

Sized to fit, from 18 to 24 inches most often.



Fire Opal: With a playful passion that is deeply connected to the sensual self, Fire opal activates strong positive emotionally driven action while promoting kind loving relationships both internally and externally. It helps one to release and heal from old trauma while dispelling negativity in your aura and environment. A stone of attraction it allows you to enjoy a sense of happiness while supporting the energies to attract abundance into your life with its inner inner warmth.

Rose Quartz: This crystal is the stone of love, and offers a very loving energy. It is the finest overall healer, improving overall health, specializing in the circulatory system and blood flow. It opens the heart chakra and relieves anxiety and panic attacks.


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