Moldavite and Lemurian Quartz Pendant

Lemurian Quartz Point and approximately 1 gram Moldavite Pendant wrapped in a combination of Sterling Silver and Copper Wire. It will be enhanced and aligned to your energy signature.

Color:  A variety of shades of green from light to very dark. Lemurian Quartz is clear, Sterling silver and copper wire.

This piece is sold as is, however it is always possible to have a personal piece designed just for you.


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Moldavite and Lemurian Quartz Pendant


Are you very comfortable with your spirituality, you know your angels and guides, and are strong in your belief that you are on the path of your highest good? If you can answer yes, then this piece is for you. Not for the beginner, this is a powerful amplifier of the Moldavites abilities to call in your blueprint


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