Beautiful shades of green with light and dark veins, Crystal Enhancements is proud to offer this new life stone, a Malachite Chrystal.

Malachite:  Better known as the “New Life Stone” for all the amazing new discoveries being made about malachite, this stone is known for balancing the emotions and building strength, physically, emotionally, psychically and spiritually. It also Aligns DNA and cellular structure, while enhancing the immune system and as a side benefit will draw out joint pain.

Malachite works on DNA. It relaxes inflamed nerves and increases blood circulation around the eye, cleanses pollutants from your eyes, sooths eye pain and pressure.

The stone you get will be tumbled and will be enhanced to between a level 3.75 and 3.98 and aligned to your energy matrix to fit smoothly into your life.


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