Libyan Desert Glass/Libyan Gold

Libyan Gold or Libyan Desert Glass is prized by those who value an Extra-terrestrial input in their life. Created as the result of a meteor crash thousands of years ago, it acts as a psychic shield from the emotional and energetic discharge of others. Find the piece that is your energetic match. 6.48 Grams, Grade A. Always photographed with a dime for sizing. It will be enhanced and aligned to your energy signature.

Colors: light to darker yellow

All Libyan Desert Glass/Libyan Gold specimens are available as is or intuitively wrapped in Sterling Silver wire and balanced with crystals to work with your energy signature.


Libyan Desert Glass/Libyan Gold


Libyan Gold Tektite: Libyan Gold is the protector in the tektite kingdom. It works as a psychic shield, guarding against negative psychic energy that is directed at you from any source. For those empathic beings, when used with intention, Libyan Gold is your best guard, desiring to be in your service and shielding you from the emotional and energetic discharge of others. They can help to connect those who feel they may originate from areas outside of this universe, and reconnect us to ancient knowledge.


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