Lepidolite on Stand

As one who has dealt with Anxiety attacks on an ongoing basis, and chooses to move forward with Crystalin Support, Lepidolite is my must-have. It does more. Approximately 3” by 2” plus stand. Every crystal is enhanced and aligned to your energetic signature for smooth and easy integration.

Colors: A clear Sky Blue



Lepidolite: A pale pinkish, purple, lepidolite insists on being used for the greatest good, it greatly reduces negativity. Halting obsessive thoughts, calms, stabilizes mood swings and eases transitions. Lepidolite is one of the strongest crystals to help those battling anxiety as it contains lithium within its matrix. Its energy is said to strengthen the immune system and even restructure DNA. For women, it has been known to relieve night sweats and menopausal symptoms. Lepidolite can help with insomnia.


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