Lapis Freeform

To be in Harmony is everyone’s goal, the end result we work for. Lapis harmonizes energy from the physical body with the mental and emotional levels, pulling all the way up into the spiritual being that we are. Approximately 4 ½” by 2 ½” by ¾” deep. Every crystal is enhanced and aligned to your energetic signature for smooth and easy integration.

Color:  Shades of Blue with Gold



Lapis Lazuli: A stress reliever, Lapis Lazuli brings in its place deep peace. It helps to open the third eye and help the bearer be aware of possibilities. It harmonizes the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels as when these are out of balance the end result often appears as depression. Lapis encourages creativity through attunement to the source. It alleviates headaches and helps with depression.


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