Dragons Blood Agate Medallion

When wanting reconnection of the mind, heart, and soul, Dragons Blood is a tool for those looking to work on themselves for the greatest good of all. Pictured pieces are representative, we will tap into your energy to choose the perfect piece for you. Every crystal is enhanced and aligned to your energetic signature for smooth and easy integration.

Colors: Green with Red

Most pocket stones are available as is or intuitively wrapped in your choice of Copper or Sterling Silver wire and enhanced with complementary crystals to work with your energy signature.

Additional charge for intuitive jewelry design.



Dragons Blood: A crystal to activate and unlock the heart, causing it to vibrate with love. A powerful manifestation crystal, using a set intention and heart/love energy to create your dreams. Be a little careful… it attracts the energy you put out, so put it aside when having a bad day, as it will attract more to you, in a Karma-like manner.


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