Stones and Their Properties

How do we decide what is right for you?

Crystal Enhancements is a hands on business, we really care and are willing to take the time to make sure that the stones you get are the right ones for you.   Below you will find a non-comprehensive list of stones with definitions of some of the properties that they have, and what they can do for you.  If you go online and look at other sites, you will come up with other information that is equally correct, and also valid.  You are very welcome to use the data that you research and accumulate And if you “feel into your choice” you will most likely do very well.

If you prefer, for a small fee, that will be applied to your stone purchase, we will take a prearranged amount of time with you either over the phone, on skype, or in person, based upon your whereabouts, to discuss your needs and desires.  This information will be given to Sean for a final blessing and your crystal needs will be met with the greatest likelihood of success.

We offer individual stones

Amethyst:  The purple amethyst brings peace, calms and balances the emotions while offering relaxation, making it a perfect stone to battle insomnia.  It also relieves physical, psychological and emotional pain, reduces bruising and swelling and helps to heal injuries.  Amethyst cleanses the aura and transmutes negative energy.

Amazonite:  Teal green to blue amazonite is associated with the heart chakra, and helps with tranquility, the release of toxic emotions, and calming and soothing energies.  It will help one to clarify intentions and speak with humility.  It helps to bring clarity and truth and healing transformation to manifesting the future of your dreams.

Azurite: A mix of blue and green, azurite is the infant form of malachite.  It helps to control energy and increase blood flow, and when used with malachite it is very helpful for relieving the symptoms of arthritis.  On a totally separate level, azurite releases long standing blocks in communication and stimulates memory, giving new and clear perspectives, and the courage to speak your mind.

Black Tourmaline: This deep black stone cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energies into lighter, higher vibrations.  It creates a grounding of spiritual energy and forms a protective shield around the body during rituals. Black tourmaline helps to connect the spirit with the body, it balances and connects the chakras, including the meridians on a physical level. It is a powerful mental healer by understanding oneself and others. This stone will promote confidence and banish feelings of being a victim or being attacked, emotionally and psychically.  It guards against electromagnetic radiation.

Blue Kyanite: A light blue stone associated with the throat chakra, blue kyanite is excellent for public speakers and performers.  This stone can help you to speak your truth, and solve communication issues, as well as healing throat and voice ailments.  Additionally it aligns the subtle bodies, and the chakras, making for a larger and stronger aura. It can also be used to promote lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Blue Lace Agate: Looking like the summer sky, blue lace agate comes with calm soothing vibrations to cool off fiery emotions.  It will help to soothe stage fright, or free up expression for those that are often tongue tied. This stone is amazing when it comes to soothing frayed nerves in times of stress.  It can help clear blockages and help in cases with bone malformation.

Bloodstone: Dark green with red inclusions, bloodstone is an energy cleanser and immune stimulator.  It can have amazing effects for individuals with acute infections, stimulate the lymph system and purify the blood. Bloodstone is useful to detoxify the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleens and bladder, including removing toxins. This stone will revitalize and reenergize the mind and body when one is exhausted, heal the ancestral line, as well as cleanse and realign the lower chakras.

Carnelian: Known as the singer’s stone, this bright red, orange crystal brings confidence and creativity with it. When accompanied with rose quartz it is known to bring love and passion to the possessor. If you are looking for inspiration, and want to be courageous and confident; with ambition, drive and determination, this is carnelian’s gift. On a more practical side, it promotes blood supply and helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Citrine: Golden yellow citrine is best known for its role in financial acquisition, and goal setting, which is not unsubstantial.  This stone does so much more.  It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy. Citrine enhances mental clarity, clears energy blocks, raises self-confidence and self-esteem, helps overcome depression, fear and phobias while promoting enjoyment in life. It energizes and invigorates the physical body, stimulates digestion, relieves constipation, and increases blood circulation.

Fluorite: Available in many color varieties, each have slightly different properties, and the most common is called rainbow, generally clear purple and green.  This variety aligns the desires of the heart with the mind and spirit, clearing away the fog, allowing one to know what they truly want and what road they should be traveling. This is the gem of learning, increasing focus, concentration and decision making skills.

Hematite: Shiny grey, and magnetic hematite is grounding and balancing, aiding concentration, a protective stone. It will jumpstart a sluggish nervous system, cleans the blood and improve the circulation while settling stomach cramps.

Howlite: A white stone with grey veining, howlite increases memory, attention and focus.

Jade: One of the Royal stones, jade puts hypersensitive emotions to sleep

Labradorite: With it dark grey and multi colored hue, Labradorite is a stone of light, highly mystical and protective.  It deflects unwanted energies and guards against energy leakage, grounding the spirit into the physical body, while helping to access ones spiritual purpose, stimulating intuition and psychic gifts. It help to avoid getting hooked by anthers emotions, eases transitions, energizes the emotions, and relieves stress.  On a physical level it can help regulate the metabolism, lower blood pressure and regulate hormones.

Lepidolite: A pale pinkish, purple, lepidolite insists on being used for the greatest good, it decapitates negativity. Halting obsessive thoughts, it calms, stabilizes mood swings, and eases transitions.  It can strengthen the immune system and even restructure DNA.  For women, it will relieve night sweats and menopausal symptoms.  Lepidolite can help with insomnia.