World Healing Crystal Grid


A healing grid to help Gaia and all who live upon her.

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The world Healing Crystal Grid is A very special grid that is designed to work with a central grid and all are interconnected to heal the world and all occupants.  This grid is powered by the angels and connected by the Fae, the enhancement to the crystals, opening their energy portals almost makes them come alive and feeling in this healing work.  The crystals you receive may be substituted with different stones depending on what is available to us at this time, they will always be suitable for the purpose intended.

World Crystal grid (Each grid will be enhanced to a level between 3.7 and 3.99)

All stones are closed to Gaia, as they are doing the work to heal the world and all inhabitants. If they are to be removed and used as personal stones, please contact us to have them aligned to your personal matrix.

Angelite: A beautiful blue, this crystal encourages spiritual awareness and development by promoting clairvoyance, and increasing your vibration. It is very helpful in connecting one with their angels and guides. It has a soothing, peaceful vibration that promotes communications and self-expression, while dispelling fear, anger and anxiety.  It is connected with the throat, third eye and crown chakras. (to be placed on Antarctica)

Agate: Very grounding, agates balances on spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional levels. Made of many layers, agate works slowly, however very strongly to equalize yin and yang energies while revealing that which was hidden to the the light. Mentally agate increases the ability to concentrate, perceive and analyze coming up with practical solutions. Emotionally it overcomes bitterness giving one the ability to begin anew, especially useful in cases of trauma. In healing agate transmutes negative energies and is a powerful cleanser.

Blue Lace Agate: Looking like the summer sky, blue lace agate comes with calm soothing vibrations to cool off fiery emotions.  It will help to soothe stage fright, or free up expression for those that are often tongue tied. This stone is amazing when it comes to soothing frayed nerves in times of stress.  It can help clear blockages and help in cases with bone malformation. To be placed on Europe)

Hematite: Shiny grey, and magnetic, hematite uses the earths magnetic system to aid it in its grounding and balancing, aiding concentration, a protective stone. It will jumpstart a sluggish nervous system, cleans the blood and improve the circulation while settling stomach cramps.  (To be placed on Australia)

Dalmatian Jasper: Lessoning disillusionment and helping one to see their own strengths and weaknesses, Dalmatian Jasper helps one to regain trust in others.   Its energy is fun loving and open, bringing about a paradigm shift and a whole new way of looking at the world.  Cleansing and purifying the auric field, Dalmatian Jasper also transmutes negative energy into positive, helping one move towards their true purpose. This guard against depression brings a childlike joy and sense of playfulness.  It opens up telepathic communication with animals.  Physically is aids digestions, boosts the immune systems and helps as a detoxifier. (To be placed on South America)

Rose Quartz:  This crystal is the stone of love, and offers a very loving energy. It is the finest overall healer, improving overall health, specializing in the circulatory system and blood flow. It opens the heart chakra and relieves anxiety and panic attacks. (To be placed on North America)

Smokey Quartz: Beautifully light brown and clear when naturally occurring, this grounding stone will relieve stress and protect from electro-magnetic radiation in the environment. It is a natural protector from both spiritual and physical threats while being a conductor of energy to generate conductivity and awareness of Mother Nature. It enhances clear pragmatic thought, and ecological awareness. This crystal helps to relieve pain, including headaches and those of the legs and lower body. (Your generator, to be placed on Africa)


Unakite: This is a crystal of healing energy, starting with the emotional self, then balancing out with the spiritual and mental self, through clearing away hidden energy blockages, which then aids in healing at all levels.   This then triggers self-growth, confidence to live in the presence and make ones presence known.  Unakite’s calm energy encourages one to see the beauty within their flaws, encouraging self-love of the whole person, and this flows outward to love for all beings on the planet. Searching for truth regardless of what plane it exists in, Unakite helps to find underlying causes of dis-ease, bringing the subconscious to remember the importance of perfect health.

Unakite can help find animal guides, remove negative energy, and release childhood traumas.  It stimulates and opens the third eye for psychic visions, helps one find things that have been lost and assists one in taking back control of their life. You can meditate with Unakite to get the answers to emotional questions.  In healing Unakite is useful in completing a healthy pregnancy and bonding with the new baby. (Feminine energy, to be placed on Asia)


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