Selinite, Angelwing


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When you add the energy of the Angels to the light energy of Selinite you have something really special, and thats what this piece is… extremely bright and beautiful in both its physical and energetic forms. As with all our pieces when you receive it, it will be enhanced to between a level 3.70 and 3.99 and aligned to your energy matrix.

Selinite: Liquid light in its ability to flow through energy blockages, this is the best cleanser the crystal kingdom has to offer, it nuetralizes mercury, reduces the effect of free radicals, heals at energetic levels, aligns spinal column, increase flexibility,and guards against epileptic seizure. It has extremely high vibration, flooding the enegy field with vibrations of light and protection for you and your environment. This is the crystal you will use to create a grid in your home to keep out unwanted visitors, as well as to help if you are dealing with addiction. Selinite Harmonizers can be used in meditation to bring balance to both sides of the body, while Selinite chakra pendulums are amazing at clearing the chakras, and a piece on the chest will increase the ability to take in breath.  Four pieces placed in the corners of your home will create a protective energy grid around your home.


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