Rose Quartz Pendant


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Handmade, wire wrapped Rose Quartz pendant with amped up energy portal.

Crystal enhancements makes beautiful jewelry, but what makes us special is that the angels came down and gifted Sean with the ability to open up the energy portal within each stone we sell, so that they do what they came here to do, better.

This Rose Quartz has been enhanced to a level 3.5 out of 4, which means energy no longer drips through, but runs through its energy portal to help bring out the Love in this stone of love.

Rose quartz is the finest overall healer, known as the stone of love, it opens up the heart chakra, helping one to allow romantic opportunities to realize in the best ways.

This gem gently draws off negative energy and allows a positive attitude to take its place.

It is good for use in times of crisis, and emotionally it calms even in great despair. It is helpful for all, and an aid to those who struggle with depression and anxiety.

Physically, it helps with the heart and circulatory system, including cleansing of bodily fluids.


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