Labradorite Heart


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Beautiful flashes of color adorned in love from the heart shaped vessel, these hearts are enhanced to between a level 3.75 and 3.98 and all are aligned to smoothly fit with your energy matrix. The heart you get will be similar to the one pictured.

Labradorite: With it iridescent dark grey and multi colored hue, Labradorite is a stone of light and magic, highly mystical and protective.  It deflects unwanted energies and guards against energy leakage, grounding the spirit into the physical body, while helping to access ones spiritual purpose, stimulating intuition and psychic gifts. It help to avoid getting hooked by another’s emotions, eases transitions, energizes the emotions, and relieves stress.  On a physical level it can help regulate the metabolism, lower blood pressure and regulate hormones.

Helps to clarify the eyes.


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