Fire Integration Ceremonies




We developed our Fire Integration Ceremonies at a crisis point. I was experiencing some challenges with finding my footing in multi-dimensional interactions. I turned to Sean (the same son who is in charge of enhancing the Crystals for Crystal Enhancements).

He set up the Fire Ceremony, the door to the Akashic Records Opened up, and Integrations began.   As Sean lead me through that door, I connected with the importance of loving all aspects of myself (even those that appeared to be the most heinous).

We will lead you to fully integrating every aspect of yourself through truly loving and accepting it in all its parts, the good the bad and the ugly. This can contain some true shadow work.

As you fully integrate each aspect of yourself, be it from incarnational/ancestral or multi-dimensional lineage you will become more and more completely the you, the connected being that you came here to be.

There are certain aspects that are there for everyone, and all individuals have aspects of their soul’s journey that are unique to themselves.  I cannot tell you how many integrations you will experience… or when you will be complete, only that you will become more whole with each one. (Generally one aspect is integrated each time). These are done through fire ceremonies, led by Deirdre, and conducted by Sean, either in person or virtually through zoom.

I will lead you through the initial meditation and take you to where we need to go… to the door of your Akashic Records.  At this point, Sean will help guide you as you walk into your Akashic records.  Every person’s Akashic record is unique and individual to themselves, and will look different dependent upon their personality.

We look forward to helping others connect with this amazing resource that is the birth right of each and every one of us.

Initial journey to be $25.00 with no more than 6 in a group.

Follow up package pricing will be dependent on number of integrations purchased.

Date to be determined.



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