Combination Healing with Deirdre and Sean (Time — as needed 30 to 60 minutes)


Healing by Deirdre using a variety of modalities.

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First we will clear negative energies using Tai Chi Gung.

After determining the client’s purpose for healing, Deirdre will proceed to balance and align chakras, applying crystal energy healing using pendulums that have been enhanced in our special way and matched to your needs, passing on any messages from angels and guides that she is given.

Sean will check for the ingrowth of roots to determine areas needing attention, detangle and smooth, while addressing ancestors and blue print inner technology to determine what is in the clients best interest. When needed he calls in the healing energy of his patron Deities, including but not limited to Amaterasu. He may also pass messages given.

Karuna Holy Fire and Reiki energies will be lovingly given and any voids filled with heavenly energy using Tai Chi.

Lastly my practitioner crystal Alchemy bowl in the key of C, with Platinum to call in the Angels and guides will close you balancing and completing the alignment of chakra energy.

Time:   30 to 60 minutes until customers energy is satiated.

Price:  $120




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