Depression Relief Beaded Necklace


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Crystal Enhancements is introducing their jewelry line with this Depression relief set 20 inch beaded necklace of all genuine gems.

As with all of our jewelry, you can buy this piece off the shelf, of for just a small amount more, contact us, have a consultation and have something designed that fits your personal energetic needs.

The depression set includes black tourmaline, to transform dense energies into lighter higher vibrations and protect you from negative outside influences.

Bloodstone regenerates the mind and body when exhausted, Citrine absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy, and Lepidolite which decreases stress, halts obsessive thoughts, stabilizes mood swings and eases transitions.

Lastly Amethyst which is probably our favorite all around stone for its abilities to bring peace, calm and balance the emotions, and reduce psychological and emotional pain.

This necklace is enhanced through Sean’s very special gift, to help those of us that function every day with depression, do so a little easier.


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